Summer starts officially tomorrow in Montana. Everyone wants to get outside, go to the parks, hit the pools, and also just have some old fashioned fun in the back yard with the kids, the dog and maybe a slip 'n' slide in the garden hose.

I'm here warning you about that garden hose your going to pick up.


It's been sitting in the side of the house since 8 this morning baking under the hot sun in some cases and one needs to check that hose before you start potentially spraying it at you kid or the dog.

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According to news from the mid-west and around the country, firefights and emergency personnel warn of garden hoses getting very hot in the sun with upwards of temperatures well above 100 degrees F. That hot water can take only seconds to reach the end of the hose and burn you and your little loved ones.


It's crazy to think that very hot water can come out of a supposed cold water tap, but its been reported that it can come out at about 103 degrees in some cases which can cause first and sometimes second degree burns. People also reported that the color can determine the temperature of the material of the hose resulting in a hotter stream of water.

Some things to do is to run the hose for a few minutes before using it for anything, and when finished, it might be a little more work, but coil it up and detach it from the tap and out of direct sunlight.

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