Bring on Summer and all the great summer activities we love in Montana.  You could say that I like the warmer months over the colder ones.  I don't do a lot of outdoor activities in the winter compared to my warm weather activities.  This year I added to my warm weather activities and have become a new boat owner.  A big boat, compared to my kayaks, and it's a motorboat.  I am excited to go places I didn't go to with my kayak and do it a lot faster.

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Now what?  Where do I begin when it comes to knowing the rules and regulations, and even boating etiquette.  Thankfully, I can find all those answers and more at Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.  

Canva Photo by: Christian Chan
Canva Photo by: Christian Chan

Boating Safety courses are offered online, and you will receive an official certificate when you complete the course.  There are 3 different courses you can take.  Interactive Montana Online Boating Safety Course for $54.50.  Also, Boat Ed Montana Online Boating Safety Course for $39.95, and Boater Examine Online Boating Safety for $34.95.  You also have the free option of the Home-Study Boating Course.  The free course is available by stopping by any of the Fish, Wildlife, And Parks offices or by emailing

For all the rules and regulations, you can find those here.  For safety tips and guidelines, go here.  You will go here for information on getting your boat registered, display of boat numbers and decals, and river recreation permits.

Now that all that has been taken care of, enjoy Montana's beautiful lakes, and rivers.  Stay safe this summer!

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