My Mom Doesn't Drive Anymore

My mom moved here a few years ago.  She lives in a retirement community here in Great Falls. I take her on most of her errands, so I have a handicapped placard that hangs on my rear view mirror because mom has a hardish time getting around.

Do You Know Why Some Handicapped Parking Spaces Are So Large?

There are some handicapped parking spaces that take up 2 spaces, and some that are regular size parking spots.  Why the 2 spaces then? That is for people in a van that need the space for the chair lift to go out of the van to either pick up their chair or help the person out of the van that uses a chair.  So, when you do something like this:

Car Handicapped Space
Tammie Toren

You are keeping someone from being able to use that space.  You are keeping someone who GENUINELY needs that much room to get in and out of their vehicle from being able to use that business, whether it's a grocery store or a hospital, a restaurant or anywhere.

What can you be doing that is SO important that you hinder someone else from using that same place? Even if you're just running in and out.

I have left stores that don't have things available for handicapped people, like scooters.  This could also make someone leave and go to a different store.

Manners Matter In Montana (And Everywhere Else)

It all comes down to manners and decency.  Trust me, if you or someone you loved NEEDED that space, you would stop being THAT person immediately.

Or, you can be like the good Samaritan below ⬇⬇⬇

Good Samaritan lending a helping hand in Great Falls, Montana

Good Samaritan helping out at the 2024 Downtown Summer Jam in Great Falls, Montana.

Gallery Credit: Jason Laird, Sam Allison

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