Halloween is just around the corner.

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Great Falls is really getting into the spirit, click here to see all of the local Halloween activities that are going on before and on the big day

It's really easy to procrastinate on getting candy.  Don't be that guy or that house, sitting right on the corner of Trick Or Treat and having NO GOOD CANDY. Now is the time to snatch up some Halloween candy.  Oh sure, you can wait until Halloween or right before Halloween, but there are all kinds of reasons why you shouldn't:

  • The good candy is still on sale.  We all know what the good candy is, you don't want to be the house handing out toothbrushes, pennies, candy corn or even apples! The shame of it all
  • Get YOUR favorite candy to dip into before the big day so you don't have to go back and end up with the bad/embarrassing candy
  • Nobody in your house wants to hide with the lights off because you forgot to get candy.
  • Make sure you get enough candy for the whole night.  We all think a couple of bags look like enough and it NEVER is.  Don't be the guy with the "I should have bought one more bag" regret
  • Fighting anyone for the last of the chocolate bars isn't a good look for the start of the holiday season

Most of all, have fun.  Eat loads of candy.  Laugh a lot.  Dress up.  Halloween is the start of holiday season and can be a really great time if we're prepared.  It can truly be scary if you don't have enough of the right candy.

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