With the holiday season in full swing, most Montana businesses are playing the "end of the year time off shuffle".  At the radio station, that means a whole bunch of radio announcers trying to get their paid time off in by December 31.

As a whole, radio announcers don't use their time off like we should and then we get into this end of the year pickle.

A calendar with the 14th covered with a yellow sticky note that says day off in red with a red pen next to it

Just today, I found a tip on Life Hacker where, if you work it just right, you can have most November 2023 off of work.

  • Take most of November off with only 8 days of PTO: Assuming you work a five day week and get Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and the day after Thanksgiving as vacation day, you can take eight days of paid time off and enjoy a full 17 days off in a row. The days to take off are Nov. 13-17 and Nov. 20-22. (Although not everyone gets Veteran’s Day off.)

That's pretty cool, right?  I wish I'd have found it sooner, and I wouldn't be here those days this year.

A calendar with the word Holiday on the 26th and underligned with a yellow highlighter

Another good idea from Life Hacker is this:

  • Plan for the holiday drought: For many workers, the time between MLK Day and Memorial Day is five months of holiday drought with no official holidays—although, if you’re lucky, you’ll get Monday, February 19, 2024 off for Presidents Day and/or a day around Easter. This is nearly half of the year, so keep this in mind when you’re planning out how to “spend” any accrued vacation time.

And here's one last GREAT idea from Life Hacker, if you do get MLK Junior Day off, take January 8th off, and you will get an entire month of 4 day work weeks spending just one day of PTO to get it.  Again, that's IF you get MLK Junior Day off.  Enjoy your days off!

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