Tell Me You Just Moved To Great Falls Without Telling Me You Just Moved To Great Falls

Why do people have to be this way? I don't care if you're new or not.  Don't assume things and ruin the day of your neighbor.

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What A Day Yesterday Was

Yesterday, Monday, was such a strange day.

Here's How It Went:

  • Woke up late and had a hard time waking up
  • Pull a new shirt out of the closet, only worn once, and there's a STAIN on it. What?
  • Work had some freaky frustrating things to take care of
  • Get my car washed, as I'm waiting to pull out onto 10th FROM THE CAR WASH, it starts raining
  • I've been all over Great Falls looking for the ONLY thing my mom wants for her birthday and I kept getting, "Oh, we just sold the last one", "We usually have them, just not today." That kind of frustrating thing everywhere I went.  So, I had to order it on line
  • My GEL nail polish, that I just got done on Saturday for $40, is chipping everywhere and my nails look awful and I don't have time to fix it until Wednesday
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Tammie Toren//Canva
Tammie Toren//Canva

And The Coup De Grace:

I come home to a note, hand written by a neighbor.  It went something like this:

"Apparently there is some confusion with the garbage cans in the alley.  The trash can has been assigned to me to use by the City of Great Falls.  Call 406.771.1401 with questions." Of course, the woman doesn't sign the note. (Why do what grown-ups do when you can hide under the cover of a note? I would have NEVER written this article if you'd have signed your name and we could have chatted.)

What?  Really?  I come home to this?

I am that neighbor that nobody knows.  That neighbor you see doing yard things, but never raises a ruckus, never makes any noise, never has a lot of people over, NEVER engages in unnecessary conversation.  I'm the one that on the crime shows they say, "They seemed pretty normal but they always kept to themselves."

In addition to being the quietest neighbor you will ever have, I hardly have any garbage.  On a garbage HEAVY week, I'll have a bag and a half of garbage and like a fabric softener jug.  This week, I had the audacity to throw away an empty weed killer jug in addition to my ONE bag of garbage.  I'm not the deal breaker when it comes to having room in a city garbage can.

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Tammie Toren//Canva
Tammie Toren//Canva

I Thought I Knew The Law But Called The City of Great Falls Just In Case

Turns out I did know the law, and now you will too.  Here's what the gal from the city (who was also annoyed by my neighbor as I was) told me:

ANYONE who pays the City Of GREAT FALLS for garbage service can use ANY garbage can in their alley that is marked by the City of Great Falls.  They Do NOT assign those giant cans to one home.  My alley has 6 garbage cans from the City of Great Falls, me and all my neighbors may use ANY of those cans we choose at ANY time.

So yeah, suck it garbage Nazi.

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