Can you legally fish in Great Falls, Montana?  The short answer is yes.

Before I go into the in town fishing, let's get you all licensed up.  If you're 12 or older you need to have a Montana fishing license.  You can do it at businesses like Scheels and North 40 in Great Falls, Montana or you can just sign up with FWP.  You can do it all on line now.

You are welcome to fish up and down the Missouri in and around Great Falls.  (Keep in mind, no net fishing.) Just make sure you dress according to the weather, bring your phone, and have your license with you.  Just because the sun is out and it seems like a nice day for MARCH, doesn't mean the weather won't turn suddenly (afterall, we're talking Montana here) or you could fall in the water. And be doubly sure that the spot you've chosen isn't on private land.  If it is, be sure and ask the owner or find another spot.

Did you know you could fish Giant Springs?  You can.  I never did it until about 15 years ago.  I didn't catch a lot there, but it sure is a pretty place to sit and contemplate fish and fish things.  A lot of times, you see the youngest Montanans fishing there.  Another great reason to give Giant Springs a try.

I've never tried fishing the dams, but if you look on line, some Great Falls people swear by it.  Hook and Bullet says that at Black Eagle Dam has Carp, Catfish, Trout and Walleye.  Not too bad for a 10 minute drive from your house.

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Fish Native To Great Falls Montana

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