Did You Know You Can Have Your Yard "Egged" The Good Way In Great Falls?

Scout BSA Troop 1007G is holding their annual fundraiser.

Easter Is Just Around The Corner

March 31st is Easter Sunday.

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Why Do We Hide/Hunt For Eggs?

Eggs are associated with Spring and with new life.

From English Heritage:

The hiding of eggs go back to medieval times when eggs were forbidden during Lent.  Easter Sunday, Lent ended and eggs were a big part of the celebrations.  Eggs were very important to the poorer in society as not everyone could afford meat. Eggs were also given as gifts to people and even to the church. In early times, to color eggs, the eggs were boiled with onion skins or wrapped in gore flower before boiling.

In Great Falls, You Can Have Your Yard Egged By Scouts BSA Troop 1007G

Egg my yard great falls montana
Scouts BSA Troop 1007G facebook//Canva

Scouts BSA Troop 1007G is holding their annual Egg My Yard Fundraiser.  The scouts will come and egg your yard on either Friday, March 29th or Saturday, March 30th.  You can get 30 eggs for just $25 or 60 eggs for only $50.

The Scouts have been rigorously trained by the Easter Bunny to assure the most Easter Eggy experience there is.

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Reserve your spot now by clicking here.  You need to have your order in by March 23, 2024. They accept payment via PayPal, Venmo or someone can come pickup cash or a check.

To find out more, call Scoutmaster Tim at 406.788.9624 or you can email Scouts BSA Troop 1007G at Troop1007G@gmail.com.

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