The Montana Boyz

Have you heard of this group on TikTok? They have over 460,000 followers on the app.  I recently found out about them and just had to share.

Check Out Their Latest Video On TikTok

@montana.boyz Brother she’s country.. #fyp#montanaboyz♬ She's Country - Jason Aldean
Mark Estes, Kaleb Campbell Winterburn and Kade Wilcox are actually Montanans. They live in Tennessee, but they are legit Montana.
  • Mark Estes: Played football for Montana Tech, MSU, dating Kristin Cavallari
  • Kaleb Campbell: Went to Helena High and Montana Tech and MSU
  • Kade Wilcox:  Went to Billings West and Montana Tech

US Magazine Did A Write Up On The Three Montanans

Personally, I think they got hyper noticed because a 24 year old male is dating a 37 year old female reality star.  I say GO FOR IT!  If this were reversed, nobody would say anything about the relationship.  For example:

    • Robert De Niro is 80
    • his girlfriend is said to be between 39-45
    • his youngest child, with her, is just about a year old
    • Al Pacino is 83
    • his girlfriend is about 30
    • their child is nearly a year old

Nobody. Says. A  Word.  Pacino and Di Niro are MAKING BABIES when they should be talking to funeral planners. Cavallari and Estes are just enjoying life together.  So. What.

The Montana Boyz Almost Never Wear Shirts

Montana boyz in stupid ken fur coats
Instagram Montana Boyz//Canva

As a Montana girl, that's ok.  These Montana Boyz are easy on the eyes. I will say that I don't know too many farmers or ranchers that play in hay and the like shirtless. I guess my AARP card is showing.

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