Baseball Season In Great Falls Is In Full Swing

Ah, baseball.  Whether you're watching a T-ball game or a Voyagers game, there's just something magical about the sport.  It's a dance between pitcher and batter, infield and outfield, offense and defense complimented by green grass, ballpark food, good company and great memories.  I love baseball. The only thing that could make it a little better would be bringing our dogs to the ballpark.

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Fido, Grab Your Baseball Cap, We're Going To The Ball Game

Hold the phone Babe Ruth! Get your best furry friend and head on out to the Voyagers game on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

It's Bark In The Park.  All they're asking for is a $1 donation to be used to benefit an animal charity of Fetch's choice.  Did I mention your furry baseball buddy will be given a sweet collapsible bowl from Fetch to keep cool and refreshed at the game.

Bark At The Park Great Falls

What Other Fun Stuff Can Your Dog Do In Great Falls?

Great Falls is a great place to be a dog.  There are lots of places for your furry bestie and you to hang out all summer long.  Of course there's the Pacific Steel and Recycling Trail Side Dog Park.  From Bring Fido, there are lots of other places to go, too.  You can also bring your leashed pet to Giant Springs State Park, River's Edge Trail, West Bank Park and First People's Buffalo Jump.

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Make It A Summer To Remember For You And Your Dog

Get out and enjoy the weather and our gorgeous little river town with you and your furry bestie.

girl and her dog

10 Things to Do for Your Dog if They're Scared By Fireworks

My two big German Shepherds just hated the Fourth of July. My girl Bella used to run into the bathroom, push the shower curtain aside, and lay down in the tub. My sweet guy Zeus who weighed about 100 pounds would try to get in my lap every time I sat down, or would try to hide in the space between the toilet and the tub!

The dog who likes fireworks probably is a good hunting dog too. But, not mine, and not a lot of other dogs on the Fourth of July. But there are things you can do to help your furry kid get through fireworks season without going totally insane.

The American Kennel Club has all kinds of advice on how to get your pooch through the entire summer in good shape. But for the Independence Day holiday, they have 10 tips on how to keep your dog calm.

Gallery Credit: Patty Dee

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