After reading Randy Bogden's Article today, Are Conservatives tired of Donald Trump and just want him to go away, on top of the news the past couple of weeks about Kevin McCarthy and his bid for Speaker of the House going wonky, I haven't been able to stop wondering if the Republican Party is destroying itself from within. I read a few articles from Politico, Newsweek and The Hill, and this is what I've concluded.

5, 4 or even just 3 years ago, I would have said no, Republicans are a strong willed bunch. I would have said they're strong enough to handle this storm.  I would have told you that whether you like their politics or not, the Republican Party is full of, mostly, men, that have weathered tougher storms than Donald Trump. I would have said their love of country AND money would overcome a bad "time" to be a Republican.

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Trump and the Midterms

After Trump lost in 2020, losing the Senate, then an insurrection attempt, you'd think they'd get a notion that the luster of the Renegade President was wearing thin.  And there was no red wave in the midterms.  In fact, a lot of the Trump endorsed candidates LOST. It's historically unheard of for the sitting president not to lose power in the Senate and House in the midterms.  In fact, it's the norm. According to Wikipedia, the sitting president's party generally loses an average of 26 House seats and 4 Senate seats in the midterm elections.  The Democrats still control the Senate, and filling the new Speaker of the House position for Republicans has become a clown show.

Kevin McCarthy and the Speaker of the House election

When you invite clowns to your party, it becomes a circus. First, I am just blown away by the deals that go down for someone to get elected.  I'm sure it's exactly the same for the Democrats, but today, they're not in the spotlight.  This band of elected idiots are suggesting that anyone who doesn't support McCarthy should be stripped from committees and such.  This kind of move is what my mom would call "cutting off your nose to spite your face".  It's ridiculous.

McCarthy went on the floor and said, “I earned this job. We earned this majority, and God dammit we are going to win it today,”

He didn't win it today.  And they voted THREE times today before I published this article.  The last time there had to be more than one round of voting for the speaker position was in 1923. It isn't unknown Rino's saying no to McCarthy.  It's people like Scott Perry, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and Montana's own Matt Rosendale.  A couple of them feel just fine in their gaslighting pajamas, and somehow they can't back McCarthy.  Curious.

This in-fighting before anything else is going to make them going after the January 6th committee, The Department of Justice, and Covid 19 things and others utterly ridiculous.  It looks like someone who's been plotting their revenge.  Nothing more, nothing less. And it will make their chances of regaining the presidency much much slimmer if they can't even get along amongst themselves.

Again, I say, When you invite clowns to your party, it becomes a circus.

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