No one is perfect. Unless one has lived an uneventful life, or not very old, everyone at some point have inherently broken a law. I'm not talking anything huge here, just ones that would get you in trouble if they were very blatant or if someone's life was in danger.

I'm sure every one has been at the point were they ask themselves or someone beside them whether something is illegal or not, There's also the instance where you smile and say "no cop, no crime". I'm not saying that breaking laws are "cool" or acceptable, but we may have all been guilty of breaking a few laws below.


Some people try to shave time and cross the street in the middle right into traffic. Well, playing Frogger might get you a ticket at some point. According to Montana code 61-8-501 Pedestrians must obey all traffic laws along with vehicles.


Underage Drinking

Mostly everyone can relate and remember attending a high school or college kegger before turning the age of 21. In fact, I think they are common in Montana no matter what generation you are from. Underage drinking can come with a hefty fine. According to Montana code 45-5-624, Unlawful possession or attempted possession can lead to a 200 dollar fine and 20 hours of community service.


Public Intoxication

Whether you've been tipsy at a concert, sports event or just celebrating at a bar, Public Intoxication is apart of everyday life and usually passable unless one is creating a nuisance.



In Montana, I thought there was a five mile an hour threshold for speeding to account for different cars or some weird reason. However, Montana law enforcement take speeding and safety on the road very seriously and could result in fines according to Montana code 61-8-716 for Careless Driving.


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