This year, the Christmas party is at your place.  What kinds of holly jolly things can you plan to keep your cheery little party  goers entertained? Games, of course!  All kinds of Christmassy games!

Christmas party invitation

Montana Christmas Party Activities: (Courtesy Shutterfly)

  • White Elephant Gifts.  Everyone brings a wrapped gift, and the fun ensues
  • Christmas Charades, Christmas Pictionary or Christmas Bingo.  With a little research and some crafting, you can put a holiday twist on these party staples.
  • Stocking guessing game.  Put objects in a stocking, and pass it around having guests make a guess as to what is in the stocking by touch only.  No looking inside.  The guest with the most correct guesses wins the stocking.

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  • Name that Christmas Song or Christmas Movie Trivia.  With a little preparation, this could be a lot of fun and leave everyone in the Christmas spirit.
  • Gift Wrap Relay.  Divide guests into teams.  Each team has a table with wrapping supplies and gifts.  First team to wrap all of their presents wins.
  • Candy Cane Relay. Each person is given one minute to pick up as many candy canes from a bowl as possible using a candy cane that they hold in their mouth.
  • Christmas Carols or Christmas Karaoke. Singing songs at Christmas is as old as the holiday itself.  Put your own fun party spin on it.
  • Christmas Photo Booth.  Build your own holly jolly photo booth with fun props like reindeer horns and other things you can build or pick up at the dollar store.
People playing charades at a christmas party

Whatever you choose, have a fun, happy holiday.

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