The holiday season is in full swing!  While we all (mostly) love getting the family together for the holidays, finding a place for everyone to sleep can be a challenge.

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Portable Floor Beds For The Holidays

From The Spruce and Wiki How, I got a few doable ideas that won't necessarily break the bank, and nobody has to straight up sleep on the cold, hard floor of your home.  A lot of people think it's ok for kids to sleep on the floor.  I do not.  People put kids to bed on a hard floor, and then wonder why they're always grumpy when they go to someone's house for the holidays.

Kids sleeping on the floor with a white fluffy rug
  • DIY Folding Mattress.  What's nice is you can get it out of the way during the daytime.
  • Inflatable Air Mattress.  It's good to put an air mattress on top of a yoga pad or quilt to stop it from moving and squeaking
  • Moroccan-inspired floor cushions.  These are really great for small spaces.  Also, they can be moved during the daytime.
  • Foam Sleeping Mat.  Make sure you can safely fold it, or that you have somewhere to store it properly as to not ruin the foam.
  • DIY Floor Bed Made of pillows and pillow cases.  This is best for children, and is extremely handy for storage.
  • Authentic Japanese Floor Futon.  The Authentic Japanese floor futon, as opposed to other futons, are very easy to fold and store. 
  • Thai Massage Mat. Comes in 2 sizes and rolls up for easy, compact storage.
a bed on the floor

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