It's getting a bit warmer for summertime in Montana. We set the thermostats to A/C or bust out all the box and rotating fans out to keep everything cool. It's also time to dust off the ceiling fan to get that running as well.


The ceiling fan. There is  a few switches that I never really mess with because I just never have and assumed everything was good to go, there's one for the light, the speed and a mysterious up and down switch that I never touch.

It was only a short time ago that I realized that a simple ceiling fan had two functions for either warm or cold seasons.

Turns out for wintertime, one needs to switch the fan to circulate air up and around the room for heat. The blades of the fan should turn clockwise orienting the air in a circular motion towards the ceiling. As shown below.

In the Summertime, it's the opposite. One needs to switch the fan blades should turn counterclockwise to circulate air downward to feel cool air coming down to relieve yourself of the heat in the room. As shown below.

On most ceiling fans, there is a switch. It goes up and down.


For the purposes of summer, turn the switch to the down position to fluctuate the air DOWNWARD.

You can worry about switching it upward during fall or in my case, never, ever again. I set it to one function and that's it.

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