More and more, Montana have people moving here for a number of reasons, especially since the popularity of that little TV show called Yellowstone everyone watched and is now re-watching.


I wrote an article about sticky states, according to those readings, Montana is about fifty-fifty when it comes to retention for the state as a whole.

According to the US census reported by The Montana Free Press, counties in Montana have a different reading as far as people born in Montana stay in Montana and better yet, in their own county.

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It's not the same county by county.

Places like Missoula County, Flathead County, Gallatin are well below the 50 percent mark of people born in Montana living in Montana. It's understandable on account of those counties having universities where people come from around the country and sometimes the world to attend school.

Lewis and Clark County is just below the 50 percent mark.

Cascade County and Yellowstone county however are the stand-outs when it comes to Montana natives. Both counties are strong when it comes to people growing up and flourishing in their home state, but by far Cascade County comes out on top.

When they measured, using Great Falls, you see that the locals out-weigh the transplants no matter where they come from. It's comes a surprise to me on account of all the people coming in to work at Malmstrom and MANG.

It's good to have the hometown on top for a change.


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