Where's the most unique rest area in Montana?  It's a rest stop that's become a tourist destination, and also a local event destination.  Of course, I'm talking about The Carousel Rest Area of Shelby.

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Carousel Rest Area Of Shelby

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Where it is

You'll find it at 441 11th Avenue North in Shelby.  The hours are Friday night 5-8 and Saturday 1p-5p.

The History

Harry Benjamin was looking for a way to bring Shelby together as well as provide a neat spot for people visiting Shelby or just traveling by on I-15.

In 2016 Mr. Benjamin was asked to fix a carousel at the Marias Fair, a 1936 Allan Herschell carousel to be exact.  That's when he found out the carousel was actually for sale. After extensive research, he bought the carousel out of his own pocket, and then started a community effort to restore it, house it and fund it.

The Grand Opening was in May, 2019

The Legacy

Now the carousel is a spot where locals gather for a fun day or to celebrate.  There's food available, it can be rented for parties, gatherings or get togethers.  It has a public restroom to make it not only fun, but functional for travelers on I-15.

A lasting heirloom

It looks like Mr. Benjamin and the residents of Shelby have achieved their mission; to bring families to Shelby for the fun of the rest stop, and show them the other great parks, museums and activities that Shelby has to offer.

The next time you're up in those parts, be sure to make time for a family afternoon in Shelby.

Carousel Rest Area Of Shelby, Montana

Carousel Rest Area Of Shelby

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