Over the last 20 or so years humans have dreaded the point where Artificial Intelligence would completely take over the entire work force and put every human out of a job on the street. Well, in the last few years in some cases it has become reality.


Car manufacturing, Food industry, call centers, textiles just name a few have been taken over to both save time and money. Over the last month there has been reports all over the world of places like McDonald's that are fully automated and hand you your food with a mixed bag of results with some saying it does not work at all.

I was looking on the internet again, and Reddit asked if there were any jobs left on the planet that can not be taken over by artificial intelligence. The response was vast, I sat here before I read anything and thought about a few, but not many. I was think to myself that MY job could even be taken over by robots and in some place's it has already happened.

Some feel like certain jobs can't be replaced by machines or software on account of the person-to-person contact and interaction that is needed to help our species.

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Some say to understand a mind you need to have one, and show empathy. I feel this can not be replaced by AI but there are reports of it passing medical board exams.


Plumbing, Carpenters, and Electricians

This might hit hard because sometimes money and technology can't buy extremely skilled construction and finishing work. However, I've seen video of robots building apartment buildings in China and other countries.


Medical Specialists and First Responders

I assume someday we will have automated smart tech methods of fixing the human body and like I said earlier, AI did pass medical boards, but I feel like we are leaps and bounds from trusting any AI machine with our bodies.



Stunt Men and Daredevils

This one may seem silly, but the only reason we are entertained by these performers is because there's that element of human danger and death. How fun would it be to see a robot jump a million buses and land it safely? I would want my money back, or the robot to be blown to pieces, that would be cool.


Let us know if your job cannot be replaced by a dumb robot. Let us know on social media.

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