In Montana people work very hard at their jobs to bring home a good income to support their families day in and day out.

Some have multiple jobs and work weekends to sustain a good life, but sometime it's barely enough to get by.

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Many feel like just a little bit more money would help out tremendously and getting the minimum wage bumped up is hard enough in this economic climate.

What would you do with an extra $1000 dollars a month?

What if one day, magically, a thousand dollars ended up in your bank account?

I would imagine a number of thing that people could say they would do, I for one would do a number of things over the course of months to better my situation and I can imagine people would agree with me on some points.

Pay off debts and save money.


I've heard the same stuff from other people that I'm thinking. I would pay off school and bank loans and then just bank all the cash up for a little nice nest egg that could pay off better than a traditional retirement plan.

Get medical care


Some of the main reasons people never or rarely get medical check-ups is the huge cost of health care. Both paying outright and/or having health insurance is quite expensive and sometimes you'll still need to pay out of pocket for additional fees, having a extra $1000 bucks round every month could help a lot.



If you are like me, you drive a pre-owned vehicle. Sometimes if that vehicle breaks down, it's all you have and you'll end up taking the heal-toe express to work and it would be worse if one had children. Extra money in the pocket would ensure routine maintenance and a better, more reliable driving experience.



Many have problems with rent and housing. Since the end of pandemic restrictions and the delay of evictions, People sometimes have trouble keeping thing indoors while trying to make ends meet. Having extra income every month can alleviate or at least put a big dent in rent and mortgage costs.

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So, again I ask. What would you do with an extra $1000 dollars a month?

Let us know on social media.

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