Horse meat isn't exactly the first thing one thinks of in a tasty, nutritious meal. They are companions, helpers, and implement for the farm and ranch as well as show pieces. However, in some parts of the world including the United States, eat horse meat.

I myself have never had horse meat, and I've never encountered anyone that has and can tell me what it tastes like, but in other countries like Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, and Japan all eat it and treat it as a delicacy.

According to an article from CBS News, they asked Americans the reason why they wouldn't eat horse meat and it was because of us growing accustomed to the horse culture we cultivated with old west cowboys and TV, the same way we pass on selected domesticated animals to which we co-exist.


Is it legal to eat horse meat in Montana? Or in America?


One can dine on equine if they wish to do so.

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In fact, According to the same CBS article, Americans ate horse in leaner times and it also was a main ingredient in pet foods for a long time.

According info from consumption of horse meat is legal in most states, only for states in the union complete make both the sale and consumption illegal. Those states include Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Hawaii.

Slaughterhouses for equine for the most part do not exist in US on account of it being prohibited to sell horse meat and is not inspected for human consumption.

That means one can potentially eat it, but can not purchase or sell it.

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