There are many things Montana in known for but would you recognize our state to bw a place where it would be a popular option to go off-grid?

I would say so, Montana has a vast area of land to spread out in and call your own without "The Man" getting in the way of your pursuit of happiness.

The Alaska Bush people on TV popularized the "off-the-grid" lifestyle on TV during the early part of the 2000's. I do always think of them when I think of the concept of "off-grid".


People often build their own dwellings and use self-sufficient means to power and heat that is all their own.

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According to some information gathered by, Montana ranks number 10 in all 50 states ideal to life off-the-grid right behind Illinois, North Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Kentucky, Texas, and Number 1, Iowa.

They came to this conclusion based on how each state ranks among wind and solar power, rain and farming capabilities, as well as incidences of natural disaster and proximity to medical facilities.

Normally, I would have an argument that Montana is number 1 in off-the-grid living because of our privacy and vast landscapes. However, after looking at some of the other locations it's plain to see that some of the states on that list are in a more moderate climate than Montana. Some factors like the bitter cold winters, and limited sunlight during those seasons can hinder some methods of off the grid living.


If that lifestyle is something you've thought of and are seriously considering, Montana maybe a good place to setup shop. However, you may have to be a bit tough for the rotating seasons.

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