Metal Detecting.

Is it something you've ever thought about? It's actually a pretty fun hobby to get into.


Searching around your front and back yard for things buried from the past like coins, jewelry, or just random metal objects like nails, hinges, old pieces of a house, etc. It can also take you to the local parks and public grounds to find even more cool treasures.

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Lucky for us Montanans, there are a number of people that metal detect and love to share the knowledge with everyone across the state.

Looking around Reddit, I found that people are offering free classes on how to metal detect right here in Montana!

The Beartooth Treasure Hunters and Prospectors are hosting a free metal detecting class and a Silver Hunt event in Billings. Everyone is invited! Details below.
by u/406mom in Montana

This seems like a pretty cool opportunity to learn a skill that many people have loved to do for many years. This Silver Hunt in Billings is a perfect place for it if you can make the trip.

The area in and around Billings is a hotbed for finding metals, minerals and fossils. Once you have the training and a grasp on metal detecting, you can come home and assemble your perfect metal detecting setup.

Depending what county and city your in, one can research what types of public permits one might need and what areas of town permit metal detecting digs because people passing by will ask when they witness you digging something up.

Head to Billings if you can and learn something new!

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