If you're looking for a really cool weekend drive that's loaded with Montana history, I found a trip for you while browsing Discover Montana.

The C.M. Russell Auto Tour

In 1993, Visit MT says "The Montana Legislature designated Highway 87 between Great Falls and Lewistown as the 'Charles M. Russell Trail.'" Following this trail will take you along some of the historic places that Russell highlighted in his work that are in the Judith Basin region.  It should only take 2 or 3 hours.

google maps
google maps

CR Auto Tour

Start at the Charlie Russell Museum, Great Falls

A great place to start would be right here in Great Falls.  Check out the cowboy's artwork, and get ready to roll.  Make sure you're phone is charged so you can take lots of pictures, get all gas and snacked up, and hit the road for some fun.

There are also museums featuring Russell in Stanford, Utica and Hobson, so plan accordingly.  It's the little stops that make it an adventure.

If time really isn't a factor, there's an additional 25 mile add on, that is all paved, from Hobson to Windham.

Don't forget to take a break and gas up at Eddie's Corner.  That place alone is a Montana landmark, and a great place for some lunch or supper.

Some of the Russell art tie-ins on the trip are:

Highwood Mountains, possible inspiration for "Romance Makers"

Stanford, possible inspiration for "In Without Knocking" "Lone Wolf"

Hobson, "The Toll Collectors"

Get a copy of the map and get to discovering

You can download a copy of the map here

If you take this road trip, let us know how it went on app chat.

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