Seems to me that we have some Presidents and Vice Presidents that don't know how to handle top secret and classified documents. What the hell is going on?

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When they found documents at Mar-a-Lago, I wasn't at all surprised.  Anyone who incites an insurrection in order to stay in office is capable of anything, including selling classified secrets.  And I hoped, and still hope, that he is held to account for his actions. I believe a Trump appointed judge is in charge of this, and I don't like it. We need someone with no horse in the race to investigate this.

When they found them in Biden's office, I was surprised.  I have been expecting an investigation which never seemed to get started. When they found MORE in his garage, I had just had enough. Watching the news, I see that there is an investigation going on with this now.  FINALLY.  What pleases me is that a Trump appointed judge is in charge of the investigation.  I think it's important to be neutral.  Nobody is trying to protect the guy.

It seems to me our people in the higher offices don't necessarily have the respect for the office and the secrets of that office.  These top secret documents are top secret for a reason.  To protect America and its citizens. If you can't handle that responsibility, you obviously can't handle the office.

I also feel like our Senators, Congressmen and Representatives are looking at this inside parties.  The Dems say if Trump does it it's bad and the Repubs say if Biden does it it's bad. But if it's in their own party, it's a deep state ploy rigged to get the guy.


I keep wondering what would happen to me if they found them in my house? Would I joke about how they were locked up in my garage with my car?  Would I fight the special investigators and try to hold them up legally?  I doubt it because I would already be in jail.

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