When I think of flea market, I generally think of something happening in a big city like New York or Chicago and not in small town Montana until I learned about a giant Flea Market in St. Regis.

If you're unsure what a flea market is, it's generally a market outdoors selling secondhand goods. It's like a giant yardsale with many people to get stuff from.


Now, I did hear about other flea Markets in Montana. They span all across the state from Anaconda, Billings, to Bozeman and Helena. If you are into a traveling flea market, there is the Little Red Truck Vintage Market traveling from city to city, so if flea markets are your thing one can go year around.

According to their website, this is the biggest and best flea market Montana has to offer. What's so cool about is what they offer?

It's over three days during Memorial day weekend, there are shuttles to and from the event, as well as food like breakfast and snacks for shopping fuel. They are expected to have over 100 vendors from around the state as well has a sign up form if you yourself wish to sell some cool stuff accumulating in your garage or sheds.

They invite everyone but they warn parking is limited thus the shuttle.

Some things to think about when deciding to go.

There are no bikes allowed in the park, I would assume that's motorized and regular pedal bikes. Dogs are allowed into the flea market event, however they do require you to have your furry friends on a leash and under control.

From the looks of this Facebook post and broadcast piece from last year, this should be a cool event to potentially go check out!

For more information head to https://www.stregismtflea.org/

Happy Hunting!

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