As long as I've been alive, I've heard, "Money can't buy happiness."  Even as a kid I thought that was total BS.  And I still do.  In fact, I'd put good money down to say that that phrase was coined by the rich boss who wants to make you feel bad for wanting more money.  Any takers on that bet?  Didn't think so.  It's playing out in America right now with the business owners and the people who are refusing to be essentially serfs so they can be a 1%er.

Now science backs me.

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How much do you have to make for money to buy you happiness?  A measly $75,000.  (No, DJ's in Great Falls aren't rolling in money.  You'd be absolutely grossed out by what we make.  In this field, in this market, experience doesn't mean a dang thing.)  I say measly because that really isn't that much money.  I would be THRILLED to make that much, don't get me wrong.  But again, I say, that isn't that much money!

Science says that at $75,000 a year, money can buy happiness because being able to meet your basic needs, enjoying life experiences, and having social ties make a person happy. Being able to pay your bills, eat decent food, have a decent home, and some nice make a person happy because you're not constantly depressed because you can't afford whatever it is you're stressing about. In fact, those living in poverty are much more likely to have depression.  Three to four times more likely.

My brother said something really smart once (And I mean literally once) "People who say money can't buy happiness have never had money".  That moment is when I had my epiphany.  I'd just modify it a little bit.  I'd say, "People who say money can't buy happiness don't want to give you any more money for your work, and they're using emotional shaming to do it."

Money CAN buy happiness, and don't let anyone tell you any different.

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