Yellowstone fans immediately began dissecting the trailer for Season 5 and unearthed important clues about the upcoming episodes. Here's what those clues could mean.

For those just plugging back in, Season 4 of Yellowstone ended with Jamie Dutton being blackmailed into killing his birth father, by Beth Dutton. John Dutton had agreed to run for governor of Montana. Beth and Rip Wheeler got married. Kayce Dutton and his wife Monica learn they're pregnant before Kayce goes on a vision quest (what he finds is still TBA).

Market Equities are still after the Dutton land, and their plans to create an airport are advancing. Jimmy is engaged to Emily and they're leaving the Yellowstone Ranch for the 6666 Ranch in Texas, although there's no sign of either one during the new trailer.

In very broad strokes, that's about it. Below is what fans noticed — and what it could mean — for Season 5 of Yellowstone, which begins with a two-hour premiere on Nov. 13 on the Paramount Network.

'Yellowstone' Season 5 Trailer: 5 Things Fans Noticed

The trailer for Season 5 of Yellowstone prepared fans for the important plot lines and revealed new information about where the Dutton family is today. Here are five things fans noticed, beginning with the obvious.

Season 5 of Yellowstone begins with a 2-hour premiere on Nov. 13 on the Paramount Network.

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