Burger King in Thailand just unveiled an enormous cheeseburger and it took the world by storm almost instantly.

USA Today via You Tube
USA Today via You Tube

You may or may not have heard of this but its a giant cheeseburger without meat. That's right its all cheese.

From a report from People, Burger King In Thailand released a burger with only American cheese on it, 20 slices of American cheese between a bun. Calling it a "real cheeseburger", this sandwich boasts a 2,260 calorie count.

The advertisement shows this "burger" with the cheese melted, However, as you see above, People reported that most customers are receiving the enormous sandwich simply with cold slices.

In the same report a twitter account stated that it's a part of a trend recently in Thailand where everything is covered in American cheese, thus prompting this morbid decision of a sandwich to be born.

Which brings me to my next couple of questions.

Will this item make to America?


Will it make it to Montana?

That is yet to be determined.


As of now, this Burger King Item remains in Thailand. But after the craze that it has sparked over here in The States, Burger King may bring it over.

There's two schools of thought that I think about with this sandwich.

One, Americans like the Thai, love things drenched in cheeses, all day. You name it, it can and will be covered in cheese.

Second, making a cheeseburger like this is neither cost effective or exactly a fast job when it comes to making it on the burger line. One thing I remember from working in fast food, It has to be cost effective and fast.

If it drops here in the states, we will defiantly get one, taste it and review it.

There's also the idea of buying all the materials from the local BK and approximating it.

Until then, let's enjoy an unwrapping of "The real Cheeseburger" from USA Today.

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