Usually I present an argument of when decorations go up and I'm never seen eye-to-eye in my household. My wife and the kid love to put things up and celebrate early. I like to keep it with in weeks of the holiday event promptly return to normal once it is over.

However, at times I make exceptions for my favorite holiday, Halloween.


I can hear your thoughts right now saying that Halloween is just shy of three months away and we are not even seeing any Autumn leaves on the ground yet, AND IT'S STILL TECHNICALLY SUMMER.

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Yes. Very True.

As this is my favorite time of the year I asked myself when I would consider spooky season to start.

It has to be when Spirit Halloween opens up.

That lovely Halloween one-stop-shop mega store that occupies half of the old Shopko building and is open for almost two months.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to the webpage Spirit Halloween will have some new and trending items for the public.

Mars Attacks, Wednesday, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Universal Monsters(Frankenstein, Mummy, Etc), and Barbie are going to be the featured new products of the year.


When do they open and officially kick off spooky season you ask? I looked around everywhere for a date. The only solid opening was the flagship store in Egg Harbor, New Jersey that was last week.

I did more digging, I called the number available online and waited for upwards of twenty minutes for a representative. Once they got to me I asked about a Great Falls opening.

They told me as a company,  they could not determine the opening of an individual store and to just watch for changes on the page I mentioned before and all it said was August.


I did find a ray of hope on one of the Great Falls community pages on Facebook. Someone answered my question upon the date of the Great Falls opening. Although it's not an official remark from the company itself, I'm going to trust the date commented on of August 12th.

Hopefully spooky season starts August 12th. Keep you fingers crossed.


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It's time to get spooky!



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