The social media app Tik Tok has been in news feeds all week pertaining to their methods of data collection and whether it's a national security risk to our country.

Many have legitimate questions for ByteDance and the CEO of Tik Tok Shou Zi Chew about how they regulate data regulation, as well hate speech and violence within content available on it's platform.

Tik Tok CEO Chew was in Washington DC yesterday testifying at the House Energy and Commerce hearing reassuring a roomful of our representatives of the methods of practice of company he runs, making clear of their policies, data collection and ownership of the organization.

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Instead of getting legitimate questions about the company, representatives and congressman such as August Pfluger, Cathy McMorris, Buddy Carter, and Kat Cammack, slammed Shou Zi Chew with rhetorical, misguided and frivolous questions regarding trivial things that they had no grasp upon.

The probe asked if the social media company connects to wifi-enabled smart technology within a household, as well as asking why the company has knowledge of public information of people provided by other social media companies not in question, also grilling about camera technology all social media uses to put computer generated sunglasses on a face while taking a picture. There were more unimportant questions as well.

All these were loaded questions that required a complex and thoughtful answer, yet they wanted just a yes or no. Which tells me that none of these elected officials ever really wanted a real answer to their questions and had their misinformed minds already made up.

This same thing happened the last decade when Meta and Cambridge Analytical were under fire over data collection, and were asked dumb questions that went nowhere. We all know at this point Facebook/Meta is here to stay.

150 million Americans are on the social media app, as well as many businesses use it for commerce in our country. It doesn't seem like anyone in Washington understands that.

Is the US Government infringing our first amendment rights?


Communication and knowledge is spread on the app at an alarming rate, both good and bad. Are they afraid of what people communicate to each other in a "free" country?

That's my question.

I'll let the CEO explain what their goals are.

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