There are a few dishes in Montana that we can call our own. That includes some sandwiches.


As a person and a Montanan that loves his sandwiches, I was intrigued by a question posed to Montanans on Reddit from a fella that owns a pub on the east coast trying to spotlight a famous sandwich from each state.

What Sandwich says 'Montana?' I'm working on a sandwich special at my restaurant.
by u/FlatSixer in Montana

The official state sandwich is the ol' Pork Chop John from Butte, which I think is a sure winner no matter how you slice it or look at it, but this guy is looking for something...more..exciting?

Exsqueeze me, baking powder?

What can be more exciting than a Pork Chop Johns?!

It's a slice of fried gold that absolutely can't be beat!


Many others have Ideas on what the protein of the sandwich should be such as wild game like elk, or deer. Montanans also have a tendency to use delicious bison for a sandwich or burger.

Someone commented on the pasty, which is also a wonderful food item from Butte America, but does one consider a pasty a sandwich? It sort of acts like one, but in pouch form. Maybe a diner-style hamburger pasty with pickles, ketchup and mustard, etc added to get that fully loaded flavor. Sounds tasty!

The traditionalists will probably have me jailed for that idea.

One may consider a sandwich from The Staggering Ox in our state capital Helena, Missoula, and Billings.

It's "Clubfoot" design is second to none for people everywhere, and I think would be a great

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Finally there's the Steak sandwich. Not a sandwich indigenous to Montana, however it's well seated in menus across the state and can be paired with almost anything.

There's a lot of Montana sandwiches out there, what would you suggest to this gentleman out on the east coast for his menu?

Let us know your sandwich favorites on social media.

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