As Hurricane Ian barrels down on Florida, a Southern supermarket chain is poking fun at the extreme weather with hurricane cakes.

Photos of cakes featuring the hurricane symbol, storm tracking radar emblems and maps of Florida have taken over the internet. One cake even reads: "Leave Florida Alone!"

The cakes are being sold in Publix supermarket locations in Florida, a supermarket founded by George W. Jenkins in 1930 and headquartered in Lakeland, Fla.

On Twitter, Emmy-winning meteorologist Bill Walsh shared a snap of a Florida Publix bakery selling the hurricane-themed cakes.

"Meanwhile down at the @Publix in Florida… hurricane cakes! 'A' for creative baking!!!" the media personality captioned the pic via Twitter. See below:

Twitter users commented on the unique cakes, with several people wondering how to get their hands on one of the baked goods.

"Oh, Yes. Publix does them up pretty good, Bill. Worked in Lakeland (home base) and lived [across] the street from them in Tallahassee. God bless the Tampa area. Hopefully the rain maker and nothing else," one person replied to Walsh.

"I love this. I could eat one right now. Very clever Florida!" another replied.

Over on TikTok, a woman shared another version of the Publix hurricane cakes in a viral video.

"Publix for the win," she captioned a clip of her walking up to a Publix bakery counter with the hurricane-themed cakes on display.

Watch the TikTok, viewed 1.5 million times, below:

Users commented on the clip, with many applauding the grocery chain for capturing the spirit of "Floridians."

"This is Florida in a nutshell ... this is who we are as people," one person wrote.

"I'm going to have to check my local Publix today. The party is almost here, all jokes aside, be safe my fellow Floridians," another commented.

For updates on Hurricane Ian, check out the National Hurricane Center website here.

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