Drinking trends on college campuses tend to evolve with the generations.

Beer Bongs, drinking games, types of alcohol consumed, it all changes and the results are comically amazing with a little imagination and ingenuity people have trying to unwind after a busy school week.

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Something I found on the internet and on the news has kind of changed the way people drink and be responsible about what they are drinking. It seems young people have recognized and learned from red flags their parents and older people have said over the years about the dangers of recklessly consuming alcohol.


Its called a Borg.

It stands for Black Out Rage Gallon.

It sounds nefarious, but allow me elaborate...

One takes a gallon jug of water, pour out up to half of the present contents and add a liquor of choice in amounts of your choice as well as a packet of liquid IV which helps with hangovers. People tend to finish off with a juice or some Mio flavor additive to round out the taste.


Around the internet, people have been promoting forms of harm reduction and safe drinking with this concoction due to the fact that its made with water, any amount of alcohol one desires. Sometimes none if they are so inclined. The drink comes sealed to prevent unwanted substances to enter the equation and it puts the individual in a place to decide how much and what they are drinking.

That might seem like a no-brainer, but in some college scenarios, people at times are pressured to drink too much and they also have no idea what they are consuming. Case i point, the drink called jungle juice. It's a very popular punch that is made in a whole Igloo cooler and you never know what it truly consists of as its frequently made with the very strong spirit Everclear.

That might spell disaster for many.

Not to say that The Borg a safeguard for anything, this is an alcoholic beverage that can potentially get someone inebriated. However, if you hear of this or see it around, just know that young adults now recognize consciously the dangers and effects of consuming alcohol and are evolving make more informed decisions.

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