You'd think, after almost overturning the United States Government in January 2021, certain politicians and parties would have learned their lesson on how to run a Republic and how to have a peaceful transfer of power.

Apparently not. All over the news I've been seeing how conservatives, the die-hard, I-only-agree-with-my-vision-of-America conservatives, are already planning how to challenge elections they don't win.

First let's talk about who can vote and how a winner is chosen

Any American age 18 and up is allowed to vote in this country.  There are a few exceptions, felony conviction, or a diminished mental capacity.  Voters vote on things pertinent to their region, whether it's a ballot initiative, a senator, congressman or city council member, mayor and the like.  The side with the most votes wins that election.  That's it.  End of story.  To win an election you have to get the most votes. (Unless it's presidential, and that's a whole other bag of cats.)

What is being planned

Basically, if the people Trump endorses lose, they're contesting the election. And not just the way a normal person would do it.  They plan to use the scorched earth tactic This is especially true in Pennsylvania where the Republican, Doctor Oz is running against the Democrat, John Fetterman. If Oz doesn't win by a wide enough margin for Fetterman to bow out, they're "launching a legal and activist crusade" screaming election integrity.

Those of us that see through this BS can tell you this is a test run for his presidential run in 2024.  And if you think he isn't planning a run in 2024, if only to avoid prison, again I tell you you need better news sources.

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This is actually a really big deal

Are we going to let one man, and a radical section of the party he's chosen, destroy election integrity in America? Are we going to end up waiting weeks or months to see who really won an election because one parties radical candidates didn't resonate with Joe average American and they need the room to pitch a fit?  Or do we stop this here and now?

The election fraud found in 2020 wouldn't overturn a student council election

Trump Republicans contested Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin election results in 2020.  After months and months of chasing these election fraud lies, here's what they found.  More than 25 million votes were cast in America in the 2020 election.  Out of those 25 million votes, 475 issues of potential instances of voter fraud were found.  475 out of millions of votes. But I know people PERSONALLY, that before, I would have said were intelligent individuals, STILL saying that the presidential election was stolen.

Do you remember when Trump said if he didn't beat Hillary Clinton that it would be fraud?  I do.  Clearly. This should tell you it's a tactic.  It's a plan of action.  Repeat a lie and it becomes a truth.  That's Trump 101.  "Don't believe anything you see or read, just what I tell you."  That's what a dictator says, by the way.

And finally, you never hear them screaming election fraud when their candidate won.  I would think fraud is fraud and if our elections are in jeopardy, we'd contest them all, not just the one where your candidate lost.  That seems very toddlerish.

You get what you get and you don't throw a fit

Let's take our elections back to kindergarten mentality.  I always thought that was genius for dealing with 5 year-olds.  Maybe that's got to be the mantra for folks running for office as well as kindergarteners at snack and play time.

If you're a big enough person to lead our city, state or country, then you should be big enough to bow out of an election that you lost.

What do we do

Honestly, Donald Trump and his extreme seditionist followers probably won't spend much time in prison.  Judging from what's already been done, these traitors to America are hardly getting a slap on the wrist for something that used to end in a firing squad in America.

The only thing to do is find them, gather evidence, and bar them from holding office in our country.  It's the only way to keep them from throwing this country into fascism. The fate of our entire country hinges on it.

Did this article make you mad?  Then you need to evaluate what it means to be an American.




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