Have you noticed the blue signs all over Great Falls?  I have, and I just had to find out what was going on and what it was all about.

Wayfinding Signs

Tammie Toren
Tammie Toren

Wayfinder sign

New to Great Falls

Evidently, this is something that's been in the works since, at least, 2020.  Doing a little research, it turns out this is nothing new.  It's recommended for anywhere that's planning a park, trails, etc. In fact, they're in cities all over America.

We have The Great Falls Business Improvement District to thank for this new feature all over Great Falls.  It took nearly 2 years to come to fruition, and I must say, I like it, a lot.  All in all there are 57 Motorist signs and 20 Pedestrian signs around Great Falls pointing people in the right direction to take in more than 40 notable locations in Great Falls.

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Destinations chosen

Historic Downtown, The Civic Center, The Falls, Giant Springs, Museums, sports and entertainment venues, transportation hubs, educational institutions, civic government services and popular city parks and recreation.

Money well spent

From what I gather, the whole thing cost around $150,000 and it was funded by a grant from the MT Department of Commerce’s Main Street Program, the Downtown Tax Increment Financing District, the Great Falls Business Improvement District, Visit Great Falls, the Downtown Development Partnership, Great Falls Development Authority, the Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Downtown Great Falls Association.

I love how much we love Great Falls

I have to say the above organizations and their people work tirelessly to improve Great Falls and make it a wonderful place to live.  Great Falls gets a bad rap sometimes, and these folks, along with all of us who love living here, make it hard to prove.  Sure, it's stagnant at times.  (For the love of GOD, let some new businesses put down roots here!  Chain stores and restaurants are good, too.) But all in all, I can honestly say that every organization that was responsible for these wayfinding signs love Great Falls and just want to see it thrive.

I want to thank KRTV for doing the only article I could find that actually explained this to the general public.

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