We all get stressed from time to time, it's regular to feel it from day to day pressure there has to be something out there to help with those things in life.

Whats that special noun that helps you keep it glued together until you can hang your hat and leave things at the door?

De-stressing can be helpful in life with health and longevity, and relationships.

For me it is combination of things.

I really like to get home, talk to my wife and kid, then proceed to put on a vinyl record and quietly pick my guitar to whatever I throw on the turntable. it provides practice and seems to line my head up just right to where I can either process the day or just let the stress melt away. Sometimes, my wife has to direct me to that activity if i come into the door rather steaming. I'm not a person to yell at anyone, but stress shows on my face like an open book.

I was looking at Reddit and people seem to have all sorts of ways to bring the stress down.


Just like me, a lot a people lean on a good tune to listen to. People including medical professionals say that music is quite therapeutic, And it doesn't matter what kind, some studies say heavier music helps with stress. Turn It Up!




Like a lot of people, I have pets. While I don't lean on pets so much for emotional support when stressed, many do. I do understand having another soul to talk to can be better even if it isn't a human. I do believe that certain animal can feel that a person is under stress or hurting.


Family/ Loved Ones

Someone to talk to is universally something a person need to help process all sorts of things outside stimuli can bring to anyone. There are tests that NASA give to potential astronauts to see how they would do with isolation without humans. Turns out humans need humans who love and care for them.



We all heard in health class that exercise is excellent for stress. It took me growing into an adult to actually experience real stress and test out physical movement as a form of working off stress. Not my go-to, but it definitely helps out a lot.


What are somethings that help you from totally losing it?

Tell us about it in social media comments.


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