Who Is The Most Prolific Serial Killer From Montana?

When you look up "Most Prolific Montana Serial Killer" one name is always at the top of the list, Wayne Nance, The Missoula Mauler.

The Story Of The Missoula Mauler

All of my information comes from Discovering Montana and Wikipedia.

Wayne Nance was born in 1955 in Clinton, Montana.  It's said that Nance often told fellow students at Missoula Sentinel that he worshiped Satan and wanted to murder someone before he was 19. He graduated from high school in 1974.

Victim Marci Bachmann with her killer Wayne Nance

In the photo you see Nance with victim, Marcella Bauchmann

It's Believed His First Victim Was Also In 1974

It's believed that Nance raped and murdered Donna Pounds in 1974, but there was never enough evidence to charge him with it. Nance was actually friends with Pounds children.

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1979 Nance Was In Washington

Nance left military service in 1979 and was in Seattle.  At that time, Devonna Nelson went missing.  Her body was found in 1980, but due to the condition of her body, she wasn't identified until 1985. It is believed she was murdered by Nance, but, again, they couldn't prove it.

Women Started Disappearing In Missoula In 1984

Nance was working at the Cabin bar, and has since been linked to 2 more women who went missing, in addition to the 2 above.

  • A woman who was found shot on Crystal Creek.  As of 2022, she has never been identified
  • Marchella Bauchmann was found shot in Deer Creek.  She wasn't identified until 2006
  • December 1985, double homicide of Mike and Theresa Shook.  He then set the home on fire, nearly killing the 4 children inside.

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The Final Attempted Homicide, September 1986, Doug and Kris Wells

Nance attacked the manager and wife of a furniture store where he worked along with his wife.

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The long and short of it is Nance was creeping around the home, Doug confronted him, the attack on the couple ensued.  Doug Wells was beaten, stabbed and shot, and still managed to mortally wound Nance who died of his injuries the next day.

Dying of his injuries, Nance was never formally charged with any of his crimes.

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