We all know that leaving a bottle of water in your car can be precarious. If it's too cold, it can explode when freezing, if it's too hot, your water bottle can start a fire in your car.  I always leave water in my car but now its covered up by a blanket. I'm not saying its right, I'm saying I do it.

Did You Know Sunglasses Can Be A Fire Hazard?

Car Fire

When I saw this, I thought about how just the other day, I almost left my mirrored sunglasses on the dash of my rig, but moved them because I didn't want them to be too hot to put on when I got back to the car.

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Here's what I should have been afraid of:

Apparently, It's Just Like If You Left A Magnifying Glass On The Dash

It makes sense, the mirrored lenses are just that.  A MIRROR, so OF COURSE it would start a fire under the right conditions.

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Other Things You Should Never Leave In A Hot Car:

do not put in hot car

From Splash Car Washes:

  • Food and Drink. Besides the mess, heat can cause food-borne illnesses to double every 20 minutes.  Try to get groceries and the like out of your car in under 2 hours
  • Lighters. When exposed to heat, they can explode and cause a fire
  • Sunscreen.  Ironically, when exposed to prolonged heat, it loses it's effectiveness
  • Aerosol Cans. When exposed to prolonged heat, they can explode
  • Batteries.  When exposed to heat, acid can leak out causing messy damage.  It's also dangerous to breathe the fumes from leaking batteries
  • Electronics. Phones, tablets, laptops, watches, anything electronic can be destroyed by heat.

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20 Things You Should Never Leave In Your Hot Car

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