Do you feel like it might be time to quit smoking, but you just don't think you can?

Ashtray full of smoked cigarettes with a lit one on top

(OMG!  I can almost smell that picture)

I've been there.  I was there for a good LONG time.  The thought of quitting cigarettes actually sent me into an anxiety attack or, at the very least, it made me really nervous.  Over the years, I bet I tried to quit smoking 6-8-10 times.  Every single time, I found a reason to light up again.

I hated myself for that weakness.

One Day, A Friend Shared How They Quit

A good friend showed me how they quit using vaping or e-cigarettes. I gave it a try.  In about a week, I was off cigarettes and on the vape. Not only did it smell and taste better, I didn't stink and it's actually cheaper than cigarettes.  The kind I was smoking was around $10 a pack.

YES, vaping has it's own set of health hazards.  But, like a doctor told me, vaping isn't good at all but it's a thousand times healthier than cigarettes.  Keep it up and gradually reduce your nicotine until you're off it completely. Everyone likes to call BS on that, and today, I found this article from StudyFinds.  Turns out that doctor knew exactly what he was talking about.

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A Review Was Published January 9th With These Findings About Stopping Smoking

From StudyFinds:

The latest Cochrane review co-led by a University of Massachusetts Amherst public health and health policy researcher reveals that nicotine e-cigarettes are more effective at helping smokers quit than conventional nicotine-replacement options (NRT) options.

The annual analysis concluded nicotine vapes display an association with stronger odds of quitting than patches, gums, lozenges, or other traditional NRT.

For every 100 individuals using nicotine e-cigarettes to quit cigarettes, eight to 10 would be expected to actually succeed in quitting. In comparison, six of 100 people using traditional nicotine-replacement therapy will succeed, and four of 100 trying to stop with no support or behavioral support will actually quit.

It Took Awhile, But I'm A TOTAL Non-Smoker

I'm excited to share that I have been nicotine free since September 2023, and I'm also completely off the vape. For someone who has been smoking longer than I'd like to admit, it's a really big deal.

You can do it, too.  You really really can. If you do quit, hit me up!  I'll cheer you on!

I Don't Advocate Vaping Unless You're Quitting Smoking

If you still smoke cigarettes, you should give this a go.  You'll be so glad you did.

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