I thought I'd do an update of Great Falls College - MSU's progress on developing a mascot, and I'm glad I did.  Otherwise, I might have missed this.

Back in October, I put out an article saying GFC-MSU was looking for input from the community for a mascot for the college, and they had released a timeline for everything.  They asked for suggestions from the public for the mascot.

Later that month, the college determined the top 10 choices.  Included in the announcement was a revised timeline speeding things up.  I'll admit, I didn't catch the change.

On November 14th, the top three finalists were announced.  The three finalists are the River Otters, the Electric Elk, and the Wolverines.  According to the announcements, there were 590 suggestions from the public.  After eliminating duplicates and suggestions that didn't meet the criteria they were looking for, they were left with 135.  From there, it was narrowed down to 10, and then to 3.

Originally, the final vote was supposed to take place at the end of January, with the winner announced February 1.  Instead, according to the announcement from November and the revised timeline, it appears the vote took place in December, and the winner will be announced some time this month, around the 24th.

I guess we'll just have to see who won when they make they announcement in a couple of weeks.


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