What is the most Googled Costume in Great Falls?

What costume did you google today? I would assume that most people would be googling how to dress like a superhero, a Dutton, Barbie, Ken, or maybe Allan. No matter what your idea of a perfect costume may be, it'll be a good one and I say run with it.

Would you ever guess what Google analytics would say if you asked Google what everyone else in town was searching?

Frightgeist from Google Trends is available to inform you on what is being Googled costume-wise in Great Falls, Missoula, Bozeman, Billings and...Glendive...for some random reason. Anyway, Frightgeist is measuring metrics from all around the country to see what costumes are Googled for this year's Halloween.

It's really easy once you have arrived to the page, hover your mouse over the little bubble that are placed on locations around the US and it will tell you the result.

Okay, so what's the most Googled costume in Great Falls?

Oddly enough, it's Clowns.


Wow, Great Falls.


But honestly, I'm not at all surprised. You can see on the map for yourself.


As I wrote before, other places in Montana were reported by google trends:

Missoula: Barbie

Helena: Horse (lol)

Butte/Bozeman: Fairy

Billings: Barbie

Glendive: Ringmaster

I said I wasn't surprised by our result because once upon a time when I was 13, I dressed up as a clown grease paint and all for Halloween, and it was a vintage costume that was all itchy.

I'd recommend picking a different costume this year, maybe try a Mario costume. Unless you just want to be a creepy clown. I'm not a goalie for your good time.

Happy Halloween.


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