There is a lot of things people can study. Humanity tends go to school for almost a decade learning things like dead languages, archeology, language building, and history. A number of things that are useful to humanity but at the same time have no real utility to one's day to day life.

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I did not go to college for any of that stuff. However, trivia is a hobby of mine not for the glory, but because I just like to know certain things. I love non-fiction books to read and listen to and once you start digging into the general secrets and wonders of the world, one begins to compartmentalize a myriad of facts that have nothing to do with really anything but it will sure gain you victory in a random pub trivia somewhere at some random time.


I would like so share with you some random facts I've learned from reading books and mostly scouring the internet at ungodly hours of the night.



Polar bears have white fur, we know this. But what I figured out is that they use their paws to cover their eyes and black nose to become completely camouflaged in the snow from predators and prey. That's amazing that they know how to do that.


Sea otters are cute and cuddly animals that sleep in groups holding hands to prevent them from drifting apart. This makes me and my kid love them even more.


Flamingos are pink because they eat lots of shrimp. Brine shrimp eat algae that contains Carotenoids which is a pigment that gives carrots and tomatoes their color. The flamingo metabolizes those pigments thus getting that pink color.


 Food and Beverage

Believe it or not. According to TIME and Center for Retail Research  Cheese is the most shoplifted food item on the whole entire planet. I heard of this one day and was surprised it wasn't alcohol.


Up until 2011, in Russia, beer was considered a "soft-drink" by their standards. According to InShorts, Russia considered anything under 10% alcohol by volume as "Food Stuffs" like chips, bananas, or moon pies. Imagine if the USA had that policy?



Drugs and the internet.

This may not be surprising to many but the first thing to ever be "sold" on "the internet" was a bag of weed. According to The Smithsonian, the bag of weed was sold on ARPANET in 1972. ARPANET is the precursor to the modern internet as we know it. There you go, a fact within a fact.



Toys and Inventions

We all know what the Rubix Cube is. It's currently sitting in a junk drawer still waiting to be solved. According to an article from CBC, It took Enro Rubix the creator of the Rubix Cube a whole month to solve his own puzzle. It takes some people less than a minute.



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