Traveling with a pet can be stressful, for you and your furry family member.  With a little advanced planning, Zoetis Pet Care and Pet Travel have some easy tips to make your trip a positive experience.

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An Up-To-Date Pet ID

More than 80% of unidentified pets never make it back to their family.  Don't let that happen to you.  Make sure their collar and chip have the right information.

Plan For Extra Time

Dogs in particular need to stop, stretch, have a drink and go to the bathroom.  Cats don't need as many breaks as long as you have a litter box in the car.

Get A Pet Harness Or Pet Crate

It isn't safe for you or your pet if they're loose in the car.  Get a soft-sided cat carrier that has enough room for a travel litter box.

Keep  Them As Close To Their Routine As Possible

Your pets will suffer a lot less stress if food, walks, and bed times are close to their routine at home.

Pack For Your Pet

Be sure and bring their water and food bowls, plenty of their favorite food and treats, medicine, their papers, favorite toys, waste disposal bags, and their bed, if you have room.

Find Solutions For Travel Anxiety

Talk to your veterinarian about your pet's travel anxiety and possible treatments before you go.

Plan Your Accommodations In Advance

If staying at someone's home, check with them first to make sure your pet is a welcome guest.  There are also many pet friendly hotels and Airbnbs available.  Just use the pet filter on your search.

Leave Your Pet Alone As Little As Possible

In new surroundings with new sights, sounds and smells, your pet's anxiety can sky-rocket without you around to calm them.

With a little planning, your travels can be fun for you and your pet.  Happy traveling.

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