This list is sure to get under the skin of many Montanans, partly because some of these towns shouldn't be included.

When people think of trashy towns, folks think of dirty areas, run-downed trailer parks with car parts in the know, the type of places where most rednecks might live. Other people might consider expensive towns as trashy because they act entitled.

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So the word trashy can come in many meanings. We've made lists of Montana towns to avoid, boring places, and the dirtiest towns. Trashy towns could be involved in one of these lists, but we found a website that made the trashiest towns in Montana.

Road Snacks compiles a list of the 10 Trashest Towns in Montana, and the way they compiled this list is interesting.

Photo by Fredrick Lee via Unsplash
Photo by Fredrick Lee via Unsplash

Road Snacks picked the trashiest towns in Montana by finding the towns using these criteria.

  • Most Drug Use
  • Violent Cities(aggravated assaults)
  • Cities with a high number of single parents
  • Cities where the residents are poorer than average
  • Cities with a large number of high school dropouts
  • Cities where a high number of residents are on welfare
  • Cities with a high number of white people

Here's my beef with this list, just because your town has single parents, white people, or high school dropouts doesn't mean your town is trashy. If that were the case, most of Montana would be on this list.

Photo by Griffin Taylor via Unsplash
Photo by Griffin Taylor via Unsplash

We think a few of these towns on this list are lovely and should be replaced with places like Billings, in our opinion.

If you think of other towns that should be on this list, let us know on the 96.7 KISS FM App.

Here are the 10 Trashiest Towns in Montana.

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