Spring is here, and it is providing plenty of spring snow. The season-extending snow we have been receiving has been great news for area ski hills. Making the near end of the season some of the best skiing of the year. But, it isn't all fluffy powder and fresh runs for some Montana skiers. There can still be some rough days on the mountain.

Snowbowl, near Missoula, has been getting a ton of traffic since it opened for the year. Western Montana has seen a near record-breaking amount of days with snow cover. With far over 100 days of snow since the first flakes fell.

According to Snowbowl's latest snow report, they have 88 inches of snow at the summit and 52 inches at the bottom. Making it a destination for skiers around the state. But, just recently a malfunction on one of Snowbowl's chairlifts resulted in a Missoula dad witnessing something no parent ever wants during a day of fun on the slopes.

On Sunday, March 19th, Nathan McLeod and his son took a trip to Montana Snowbowl. A chairlift malfunction caused the chair carrying him and his four-year-old son to violently hit the first tower, throwing the toddler from his seat. At the moment of impact, McLeod reached for his son but was too late. He slipped from his arms and fell 15 feet to the slopes below.

McLeod told the Missoulian

This is a parent’s worst nightmare. I’m just watching him fall and he’s looking at me. There’s nothing I can do and he’s screaming. I just have this mental image of his whole body slipping out of my arms and it’s terrible.

Thankfully the boy was okay. A liftie stopped the lift and went to the boy's aid. Nathan McLeod is not happy with how the incident was handled. But, a full investigation has been promised.

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