If you're enjoying Thanksgiving dinner as a guest in someone's home this year, we've got some tips that will make sure you get invited back.

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Bring your own apron

Nothing says, "I'm here to help" than showing up in the kitchen in your own apron.  The cook will appreciate it, and not doubt have you assisting in no time.

Bring your own containers for leftovers

This is also a big help to the host who, not only prepared a wonderful feast, but now has to find containers for everyone who wants some of the yum for home.  You come set with your own containers and you'll probably get to dish up while they're digging out containers or bags for everyone else.

Bring a stain remover

There's no way to get through the dinner without at least one "Uh Oh!".  Be the hero with your tide pen or the like.

Bring your manners

And make sure everyone you're responsible for brings theirs as well.  With all the work that goes into this single meal, a "please", "thank you", and "This is delicious" goes a long way.

Bring things to keep the littles entertained

If you have it, bring it.  The coloring books, hand held video  games, or even just a pad for the littles will really help with restless tantrums and the "I'm bored, can we go home".

A small gift for the hosts

Though not required, it's always nice to show up with something for the hosts like a bottle of wine or booze, flowers or a centerpiece.  It says "I appreciate you" in a way that will last past dinner.


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