If I had the money, this prime piece of land south of the MSU football stadium would be mine - and it would become the most insane, seasonal 'tailgate city' the world has ever seen.

Practical? Absolutely not. Feasible? I'm not sure. But if you can't dream about insane ideas like this, you might as well pack it up. We're about to explore a piece of real estate that is currently for sale in very close proximity to the football stadium. It's expected to be turned into apartments or condos (per the listing), but it's way cooler to envision something totally different.

Imagine owning the biggest tailgate spot anyone has ever seen. Buy some custom golf carts to get you and your crew back and forth to the stadium. (It is technically a block away, after all.) You'd have 3.65 acres, so invite some food trucks and make a catered party for your friends.

Envision a temporary, covered BBQ/kitchen/bar area that could be easily put together and broken down by a few people. Just roll up with a trailer full of She-Shed pieces and BOOM! Instant party. Might as well have a mobile stage, some lighting, and soundboard too. Of course you need a band or two at your tailgate party.

Picnic tables, cornhole, tailgates down, beer pong, footballs being tossed, tents up, twinkling party lights, and as many friends as you want. Most of us don't have that many friends to even put a dent in a 3.65 acre tailgating spot.

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash


As of this writing, the listing on loopnet.com is with Bozeman Real Estate Group. At the moment, there is not a full address of the property listed, but it does state that it's located on "Opportunity Way". The official listing has this to say about the property:

Over 3.6 acres of R-3 land, less than a block from Montana State University. Preliminary concepts have landed up to 52 three-bedroom units on the two separately deeded parcels. This land falls in the south Bozeman Opportunity Zone.

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NOTE: This is a brainstorming exercise. It's supposed to be fun. Nobody needs to tell me that spending this kind of money on an "unofficial tailgating spot" is dumb. Of course it's dumb - and it would be completely awesome, mind you. There will be apartments and condos there soon enough. Let's have some daydreaming fun in the meantime, eh?

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash
Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

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