When I was first introduced to a horror movie by my parents, Halloween, I was really down for the blood and gore.  Considering I was 10 when I saw it, it's the natural response if you're not terrified.  I grew out of that in my mid teens.

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These days, it's all about messing with my mind.  There can be some blood, but if it's just gratuitous, I'm out.  Scare my brain.  Make me turn on all the lights, and maybe cover my eyes or stop the movie altogether because I'm so freaked out.  That's terror.

Tammie's Top 8 movies for Halloween

Tammie's Top 8 movies for Halloween

I'm going to be watching the final in the Michael Meyers saga, Halloween Ends, this week on Peacock.  I know it's pretty stabby, but it takes me back to being a kid.  Plus, Jamie Lee Curtis.  What more do I need to say?  Plus, I can't wait to see if they really actually kill him.  He deserves it.  Babysitters are only trying to make a little extra money.  Why does he always have to kill 'em?

If you do want blood and stuff, you will get it in the first Halloween.  The Final Destination Franchise does a good job of blood and gore without resorting to the likes of The Hills Have Eyes and such.

Let's talk about why you won't see the Texas Chainsaw Massacare and The Hills Have Eyes or The House of a Thousand Corpses on my lists, ever.  I feel like they pander to those who watch things like The Faces of Death from drivers ed.  No offense, but that kind of movie is more than just a horror fetish, know what I'm saying?  If you love that stuff you love it.  It's just not for me.


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