If you're like me, seasonal allergies get the best of you right around this time of the year.


After a record amount of snow melts and absorbs into the land, plants flourish into beautiful flowers. Pollen flies into the air, and for the rest of the year, my eyes look like I've been ugly crying in my car for an hour.

Over the years, after numerous doctor visits over pesky allergy discomfort, I hatched a plan that's one part doctor-ordered and one part home remedy.

Note: When I say "home remedy" it's just things I do to stay ahead of irritation. I don't hang upside down and drink an ancient herbal tea or anything.


When I went in for the first time as a teenager, the doctor told me I had developed seasonal allergies and I'd have to combat the outside world for the rest of my life. He told me I had several options and I decided to go with Non-drowsy 24-hour allergy meds which at the time was by prescription only. These days one can get that stuff over the counter which is *chef's kiss* amazing.


Later in life, in addition to an allergy pill, I chose a second option of using something like Flonase which is a nasal spray. I feel like the two working together are magic. Antihistamines and nasal steroids are safe to use together, but please check with your doctor before mixing chemicals or taking anything. Everyone's a little different.

Home Remedies:

Cleanliness all around the face, hands and clothes is half the battle. In the spring and summer with the warmer weather comes dirt and sweat. Pollen and other irritants can cling to anything as a part of nature's design.

I try to wash my face and hands as much as possible, as well as change into clean clothes if things get bad like working outside on a windy day. I noticed even with hands and face clean, clothes can be a problem as well.

Hand sanitizers, baby wipes, unscented detergents all work really well with pollen and allergies.

Life can be better with a bit of reinforcements along the way with the lovely weather we have during a Montana summer.

Go enjoy it.


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