Although we still are experiencing the wonderful summer weather in Montana. We are definitely headed towards the fall season and ultimately shorter days with less sunlight.

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We had the longest day in Montana this year was July 21, after that as we know is down hill as far a daylight is concerned.

There will be a point where you will notice that it gets a little darker, sooner after you get off work. Those days might be here a lot sooner than you think.

According to a post from Adirondack Mountain News shows how much time our region of the country:

As you can see, we end up losing an hour and a half of daylight by the end of August.

We will take this last Tuesday (Aug 9th) for example, According to, sunset was at 8:47pm with roughly fourteen and a half hours of sunlight. According to predictions on the same website, we lose more or less two minutes per day of sunlight during sunset in the coming days and it should grow exponentially during the month of August.

Time and date also obviously covers sunrise, losing about two minutes a day off top as well.

Autumn Equinox according to Royal Museums Greenwich lands just after midnight on Saturday September 23rd. At that point we will lose even more sunlight until we reach the shortest day of the year on December 21st with less than nine and a half hours of light.

I'm Just glad we will still have some sunlight and not an Alaskan situation where we can go greats length of time without it. It wouldn't help my chipper demeanor.


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